Thank you for your interest in changing Cowper by addressing fairness and equality, employment and opportunity, environment protection and climate change and cutting tax and increasing benefits.

We live in a great part of the world and it has much going for it. But scratch the surface and you will find many problems:

  • Our schools have had their funding cut by $20 million in 2018 and 2019.
  • We have long hospital waiting lists.
  • We have some of the highest overall and youth unemployment in the state and country.
  • We’re getting the second rate ‘fibre to the node’ broadband in many places.
  • We have to wait until the middle of next decade for the Coffs Harbour Bypass to be finished.
  • We have no plans to address climate change locally and no support programs for our farmers and forest workers to adapt to their new future.
  • We have some of the highest levels of disadvantage in the country.
  • In some parts, our rents have risen by two-thirds and rentals are hard to come by.
  • Wages and welfare payments are stagnant and our penalty rates have been slashed.

It’s not a good story. We have to stop the rot. Scott Morrison is out-of-touch; the Nationals are out of ideas and have run out of puff. It is time to vote them out.

Labor has the policies, plans, people and passion to deliver what we need for a better quality of life. I have the energy, expertise and experience to get things done.

I live in Bellingen and have had a senior career in international business and government; attained two Masters degrees and, had strong community engagement for decades as a part of a lifelong commitment to the betterment of life for the working and middle class.

This website will tell you a little about me:

Labor is serious about changing Cowper and change in Cowper.

We need to get the basics right; we need to address the imbalances; we need to be ready for the future; we need to look after the many and the not the few. We need to do this at the next election. 

We’re better off with a Labor voice in a Labor government. We want a fair go for Australia. I will work with you to advance Australia, fairly, by caring for country and putting people first.

Thank you for your interest in changing Cowper.

Updated: 20 November 2018