Guess what-2

The National Party has chosen Patrick Conaghan as their candidate for Cowper. He was previously a member of the Liberal Party.

Patrick has to support EVERYTHING that is contained on this page. I am sure Patrick is a nice enough and well-meaning person. But Patrick isn’t the issue – his party is the issue. They are out of touch. It is time for change. You will be better off with a Labor voice in a Labor Government.

And Mr Conaghan has confirmed he was a member of the Liberal Party in an interview with Port News.

And there’s event more about Mr Conaghan you should know…

The National Party seeks to discredit the Labor candidate. All they do is bring to light more about Mr Conaghan.

Mr Troy said that I “falsely” stated the National Party candidate for Cowper lives in Sydney. There’s nothing false about it Troy. His LinkedIn profile shows his place of work as Sydney. His own company website shows he only has a Sydney office (under “Locations). Mr Conaghan also has a phone connected in his name to a property he owns in a Sydney inner-city harbourside location. With this evidence, you can make your own mind up. Oh, and while you are at it, have you asked about his previous membership of the Liberal Party? Did he tell you about that before his preselection?

Read the full letter on this page.

The National Party has held Cowper for 97 out of the last 99 years.

How has that worked out for you? How has that worked out for us? How could an electorate halfway between boom cities such as Sydney and Brisbane be doing so poorly? Unemployment double that of Sydney; youth unemployment at one in five; primary industry in decline; our schools and hospitals are underfunded; the trashing of our environment and many are getting third rate broadband internet.

Cowper is the sixth most impoverished electorate in the country. For this, we can thank the National Party. They are the authors of a generation of under achievement and lost opportunity.

Don’t vote for more of the same. It gets us nowhere. Vote for change and a Labor voice in a Labor government.


Ten yes/no questions which Mr Conaghan must immediately answer are:

Are you like most Nationals and opposed to the Banking Industry Royal Commission?

Do you like most Nationals support the temporarily abandoned $80 billion in tax cuts for big business, including $17 billion for the banks?

Do you support The National’s removal of weekend penalty rates for potentially one-in-four workers in Cowper?

Do you think it is acceptable that general unemployment in many parts of Cowper under The Nationals is twice that of Sydney?

Do you think it is acceptable that youth unemployment in many parts of Cowper under The Nationals is now impacting 20 per cent of youth?

Do you support The Nationals’ plans for the construction of new coal-fired powered stations and their push for nuclear power?

Do you support The Nationals’ war against clean, renewable energy and real action on climate change?

Do you support The Nationals’ decision to provide $22 million less for schools in Cowper in 2018 and 2019 than Labor?

Do you support The Nationals’ sub-standard rollout of the NBN in Cowper – or do you prefer Labor’s plan for fibre-to-the-curb?

Do you support The Nationals’ cuts across vital public services, like the ABC, TAFE, veterans entitlements, CSIRO, Medicare and apprenticeships?


Do you support Labor’s plan for a National Integrity Commission (a bigger and better ‘federal ICAC’)?

Why after 55 years of continuous National Party representation does Cowper have the fifth highest level of disadvantage in the country?

Why after 55 years of continuous National Party representation does Cowper have the highest percentage of people living below the poverty line in the country?

Why under the Nationals does Port Macquarie have a forecast employment growth rate twice that of Coffs Harbour?

Why is the number of jobs in primary industry (Agriculture, fisheries and forestry) forecast to fall by the federal government by 2.6 per cent in Cowper between 2017 and 2018, when overall employment at the same time is expected to grow by eight per cent (over five years)?

Why are there 2,000 applicants on the public housing waiting list in Cowper?

Why are there 3,200 people on the public hospital waiting list in Cowper?

Do you support the government’s personal tax cuts which are half that of Labor’s for the average worker in Cowper?

Do you support the Federal Government’s cut for subsidised child care to one in five families on the North Coast?

Do you support the government’s cutting the pension to 750 people in Cowper and reducing the pension by an average of $132 a fortnight for another 2,000 pensioners?

Are you opposed to Labor’s changes to negative gearing to help young families and others obtain home ownership where many average house prices in Cowper is now over $500,000?


Had you had a vote, who would you have supported for PM? Turnbull, Abbott, Dutton, Morrison or Bishop?

Who do you support as National Party leader? Michael McCormack or Barnaby Joyce?

How did you vote in the Marriage Equality Plebiscite?

Do you support Australia having an Australian citizen as Head-of-State or do you want to keep The Queen of England as our Head-of-State?

Do you think Luke Hartsuyker did a good job for Cowper?



Updated: 3 November 2018