LEAN is a group of Labor members and supporters that celebrate Labor’s environmental legacy and campaign to ensure the environment is central to its future. Since LEAN was reinvigorated nationally in 2014, we have delivered many ground breaking policy outcomes. In 2015 LEAN put climate action back into the centre of Labor policy by delivering the Party’s commitment to 50% renewable energy by 2030 and the adoption of strong emissions reduction targets.

LEAN is running a campaign across the country calling on Labor to deliver ground-breaking reform, resetting how we care for the environmental health of our country. LEAN is calling for new laws and institutions that are strong enough to defend our unique environment in the 21st century.

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Labor’s achievements in the environment

1973: Whitlam Government takes France to International Court of Justice in Nuclear Tests case

1974: Whitlam Government ratifies World Heritage Convention (sites protected now include Tasmanian wilderness; wet tropics inc Daintree; Kakadu; Great Barrier Reef)

1983: Hawke Government puts world heritage in Federal law; saves Tasmania’s Franklin River
1980s: Wran Governments in NSW commission deep ocean outfalls, cleaning Sydney’s beaches
1995: Keating Government leads South Pacific nations against renewed nuclear testing
1995-2005 Carr NSW Government proclaims 350 national parks
2003: Carr NSW Government introduces world first carbon trading scheme
2007: Rudd Government signs Kyoto Protocol on climate change
2010: Rudd Government enhances Renewable Energy Target
2010-14: Labor Government wins in International Court of Justice case in Japan whaling case
2012: Rudd, Gillard governments secure Murray Darling Basin plan
2012: Gillard Government Clean Energy Package – including greenhouse gas pricing, Climate Change Authority, Clean Energy Finance Corporation
2013: Gillard Government proclaims world’s largest marine parks
2013: Labor defends and looks to expand its environmental achievements
2015: Labor commits to net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050
2017:  SA Labor achieve 50% renewables in electricity and install worlds biggest battery to support clean energy expansion
2018: Queensland Labor reinstate land-clearing protections

Updated: 21 May 2018