To change Cowper we need to campaign and to campaign we need money.

Labor is a not-for-profit organisation involving tens of thousands of volunteers across Australia. We have a very small paid staff, funded largely by membership dues paid by party members.

Like all electorates, we do get some direct support from our national and state offices and indirect support through advertising and the supply of printed materials, once the election is called.

However, we need support in the run-up to the formal campaign to build the case to Change Cowper. Any money you donate will be spent on:

  1. Provision of information – in print and online.
  2. Attendance at community events

And it is all spent on the Cowper Campaign and in Cowper, where possible. In short, the more money we have, the greater the chance we have to Change Cowper.

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Donations up to $1,500 to registered political parties may be tax deductible. Donations of over $12,100 are subject to disclosure under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

The Liberals and Nationals have the support of large corporate donors, but we have something they don’t — thousands of everyday Australians like you.

Help us fight back and contribute today.

Updated: 20 November 2018