In my 30 years as a senior political journalist and later as a member of the Labor Party, I had many encounters with Bob Hawke. I saw him at the top of his game as PM. I also saw him at the other end of the spectrum, helping and mentoring Labor candidates and acting as a guardian of the party.

In any of these capacities, he brought with him the same vigour, passion and intellect that he is famous for. But more than anything else, he was a top bloke who gave his time freely to anyone.

Bob was someone who indoctrinated me with the need to care for the environment. I remember as a journalist in 1989 when I was a bureau chief at Parliament House in Canberra, travelling with Mr Hawke to Wentworth where he announced a Labor Government would plant one billion trees to deal with soil erosion. That struck a chord with me and here I am 30 years on actively campaigning on initiatives similar to this.

Thanks Bob. Good on you mate.

Radio interview

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