headline-aw-nr-social-media-and-wordpress-800-x-400IT’S TIME TO CHANGE COWPER TO LABOR 

Next Sunday morning, Australia will wake up with Bill Shorten or Scott Morrison as Prime Minister. 

We won’t wake up with a minor party or independent Prime Minister. It will be either a Labor or Liberal PM.  

We’ve been working hard to make it sure it is a Labor Prime Minister. 

Should this happen, locally, we’ll all be better off with a Labor voice inside a Shorten Labor Government.  

Labor and I have long argued that Australia needs change and we’ll do better off with a strong and stable majority Shorten Labor Government.  

The cuts, chaos and division of the Liberals and Nationals have to end. 

We need Labor’s solid policy, stability and focus on fairness.  

We have the right priorities, people, policies and plans for a positive, prosperous and sustainable future.  

I have also argued that we’ll all be better off with a Labor voice inside that Shorten Labor Government. 

I want to be a part of a Shorten Labor Government and at the table of decision makers making sure we get the infrastructure, services and assistance we need to get ahead.  

Over the last 18 months, I have spoken with thousands of people locally. They’re desperate for change.  

But it must be worthwhile change, where we not only have a Shorten Labor Government, but a local Labor member inside that government. Nothing will change unless this happens.  

Under the Nationals in Cowper, we have had a century of under achievement and lost opportunities. Only Labor can turn this around.  

We will need a local Labor champion working inside a Shorten Labor Government to ensure we get our fair share; fix what needs fixing and get ahead. 

It is time to change Cowper to Labor.   

MONDAY, 13 MAY 2019