Scott Morrison breezed into Port Macquarie today on a vote buying exercise.

All he did was buy a non existent project which is nothing more than a idea.

It is clear, the tide is going out on his prime ministership.

Mr Morrison in Port today announced $4.5 million for a tidal pool.

Now to the facts…

The NSW Government announced $50k for a feasibility study into this project. It is understood the work hasn’t been done.

So, the Prime Minister has announced funding for a non-existent project:

  • We don’t know if it is technically feasible
  • We don’t know if it is environmentally feasible
  • We don’t know how much it costs
  • It hasn’t been considered by the community
  • It hasn’t been considered by Council
  • It hasn’t been through state planning processes

Further, Council told me there’s no consensus yet as to whether the community would prefer a tidal pool, an upgrade to the current indoor aquatic centre or a completely new indoor aquatic centre.

This is a premature, ill-considered and vote-buying PR announcement by the Prime Minister today.

While here, he said nothing about the big issues:

  • Addressing our youth unemployment crisis – the second highest level of any region
  • Helping the 2,000 plus people on the local aged care home package waiting list
  • Helping the 2,000 plus people on the local public housing waiting list
  • Helping the 3,200 people on the local public hospital waiting list
  • Helping 2,750 pensioners who lost their pension or have had it cut under his government
  • Helping the one in five children who live in poverty on the NSW North Coast
  • Fixing our second rate deployment of fibre-to-the-node and Fixed Wireless NBN internet.

Port, Coffs, Kempsey and the mid-north coast deserves better than what we got from Scott Morrison today.

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