The Deputy Leader of the National Party, Senator Bridget McKenzie, visited Bowraville today and failed to mention her overall cuts to health funding for rural and regional Australia.

She failed to menation the Liberals and Nationals will slash $900 million from regional hospitals over the next six years. 

The Nationals are taking far more than they give back. 

New data revealed this week shows 32 per cent of the Liberals and Nationals’ $2.8 billion in cuts to hospitals fall outside major cities.
In New South Wales, regional hospitals will lose $313 million. That’s 215 doctors and 440 nurses.
Labor will restore the $2.8 billion in cuts to hospitals, ripped out of the health system by the Liberals and Nationals.
Labor can afford to fund adequate hospital facilities for our regional cities and towns because we are closing tax loopholes for the top end of town.
A Shorten Labor Government will invest more in every single hospital in Australia with our $2.8 billion Better Hospitals Fund.
Labor will invest $500 million to upgrade and expand emergency departments across Australia and slash ED waiting times across the country.
This comes on top of Labor’s $2.3 billion Medicare Cancer Plan – the biggest cancer care package in Australia’s history, and our $2.4 billion investment to give pensioners access to free dental care.
Labor believes access to health care should depend on your Medicare card, not your credit card.
By contrast, if a Morrison Government is re-elected on 18 May, the Liberals and Nationals will cut $900 million from our regional public hospitals over the next six years.
End the chaos. Vote for change. Vote for Labor.