In it to win it

We are one month from the election on the 18th of May. We can change Cowper. We can change Australia. We must do both.

Our campaign is being well received. We are campaigning locally on reducing unemployment, protecting our environment, acting on climate change, addressing inequality and tackling corruption in government through a National Integrity Commission. You can read more in my news release issued in response to the calling of the election. 

We are in it to win it. It won’t be easy but we have identified a path to victory locally on 18 May 2019 and are campaigning hard to make it happen. We got off to a great start with Senator for NSW, Kristina Keneally, in Coffs and Port on the day the election was called. Here we are in Port welcoming the Bill Bus

Kristina Keneally and Andrew Woodward at Coffs Community Village

My campaign for Cowper is overwhelmingly positive. Labor has lots of positive things to talk about, like our game-changing Medicare Cancer Plan. It is all a part of our Fair Go Action Plan. That said, Political debate is robust and holding people to account for their comments, actions and promises are not negative. Indeed, it is my duty.

We will hold The National Party, Palmer, Greens, One Nation, independents, indeed anyone, to account. We’re only going to restore trust to politics through increasing standards. Credible candidates can’t be wishy-washy on critical issues; mustn’t make promises they have no ability to honour and, shouldn’t claim credit for the previous work of Labor, like the Pacific Highway upgrade and the upgrading of Port and Kempsey hospitals. The public is sick it. It has to stop. 

We are getting all of the support we need from head office and campaigning will step up a notch after Easter and ANZAC Day. We have a lot of ground to cover. Cowper is a big electorate. The state electorate of Newtown in Sydney is 15 square kilometres. By comparison, the federal electorate of Cowper is about 7,300 square kilometres. Cowper also has more voters than any other electorate in Australia with approximately 124,000 people registered. Most of my time will be spent on street stalls across the electorate each day; at markets at weekends, and participating in candidate forums.

We’ll all be better off with a strong local advocate inside a Labor Government – working with the Labor team; being our champion; fixing our problems and making sure we get our fair share. We’re ready. I am ready.

Campaign rallies and fundraising events

On Saturday 27 April 2019, I will hold three fundraising events and rallies with the NSW State President of the Australian Labor Party, Mark Lennon, as the guest of honour.

As President, Mark is definitely an ‘insider’ and I will be interviewing him about how campaigns work, who does what and what to expect over the next few weeks. You’ll also have plenty of time to ask questions and give him feedback on campaigns, policies and issues – federal and state.

Tickets are $25 each plus booking fee and the price includes light refreshments. You can pay by card early or pay by cash on the day (but please RSVP via the links above). 

The details and booking links are:

The events are open to anyone – party members, Labor supporters and people with a general interest in politics. 

Help me help you – early voting and polling day

We have four early voting booths to staff (for two weeks before the election) and we have over forty booths – big and small – to staff on Election Day.  We also have lots of leaflets to letterbox over the next month. 

Can you help at early-voting or on Election Day, for a few hours or the whole day? If so, please click this link.

If you have any questions about this, please email Alison at 

Help me help you – donations

If you can’t help out in person, you can also help with a tax-deductible donation. You will be able to claim any donation in your return for this year due in just over two months. All funds raised go toward travel, advertising and events. Click this link to make a donation through the NSW ALP’s official website. All funds are directed immediately to the Cowper Campaign Account. 

Maintain your rage and enthusiasm from now until the election on 18 May. 

In solidarity.