From a policy substance point of view, Mr Oakeshott is supporting much of what Labor has put forward in its climate change action plan.
Labor’s plans go much further, are much stronger, are more definate, backed by the best policy minds in Australia and will be implemented in government.
The reality is that Mr Oakeshott’s document is nothing more than a PR wish list.  He will never be in a position to implement any as this as he will never be in government.
People concerned about climate change and the environment should be very skeptical about Mr Oakeshott. In 2010 he took over two weeks to decide between supporting the world famous climate change denier Tony Abbott and the progressive Julia Gillard. In 2016, Mr Oakeshott preferenced the Nationals ahead of Labor; throwing his support behind their climate change inaction and love affair with coal.
If you want action on climate change – don’t risk Rob. The best way to change climate policy in this country is to vote one Labor.