Unemployed people in Port, Coffs, Kempsey and on the mid-north coast should pick up the phone and call the National Party today asking where they can start work tomorrow.

The Leader of the National Party and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack today told Parliament in Question Time:

“If you want to work in this country, well, there’s a job there for you. “

Really? Where?

What an insult to the people of the mid-north coast.

In parts, we have youth unemployment approaching one-in-four and general unemployment twice that of Sydney.

Mr McCormack should apologise to the people of the mid-north coast for this insult.

The unemployment rates on the mid-north coast according to the NSW Business Chamber are:

  • Coffs Harbour – Grafton youth unemployment: 22.8%
  • Coffs Harbour – Grafton general unemployment: 8.9%
  • Mid-north coast youth unemployment: 11.2%
  • Mid-north coast general unemployment: 4.7%

Today’s howler from the Deputy Prime Minister again confirms the Nationals are totally out of touch.

The feet are up; they’re swinging in the hammock, thinking everything is OK.

Well, Deputy Prime Minister, everything is not OK.

Employment is the number one issue for Port, Coffs, Kempsey and the mid-north coast.

We don’t think one-in-four unemployed youth is OK. It is a damning indictment on nearly a century of National Party rule in this seat.

Labor is determined to fix it with a Labor member in a Labor government.


NSW Business Chamber Report December 2018: Report with unemployment statistics