The new National Party candidate for Cowper, Patrick Conaghan, needs to make a statement on his political background.

Labor understands Mr Conaghan has previously been a member of the Liberal Party.

Knowing the extent of his membership and links into the Liberal Party is important for the people of Cowper.

One of the biggest complaints about the National Party is that they don’t stand up to the Liberals. The Liberals seem to get their way every time. They walk over the Nationals.

In Cowper, we need someone who will stand up to the Liberals and not someone who will be soft on them.

Mr Conaghan needs to state:

  • When he joined the Liberal Party.
  • Which branch of the Liberal Party he was a member of.
  • What faction of the Liberal Party he was a member of – the ‘moderates’ or the ‘hard right’.
  • What positions he held in the Liberal Party.
  • What activities he undertook in the name of the Liberal Party or backed by the Liberal Party.
  • Any donations he has ever made to the Liberal Party.
  • When he left the Liberal Party.
  • When he joined the National Party.
  • If he disclosed his Liberal Party membership to National Party preselectors prior to last Saturday’s vote?

It is important that voters completely understand who and what they’re voting for.

With Patrick Conaghan, it looks like we have a Liberal in Nationals clothing in Cowper.