Frog in pot

You have to love the Nationals – they are the frog sitting in the boiling pot. The biggest threat to agriculture and water supply around the world is climate change. And yet The Nationals attack those, like Labor, who want to do something about it.

Our farmlands will be subject to warmer temperatures, less water, failing crops, more frequent and ferocious storms, more disease and greater soil degradation – all due to climate change. And what do the Nationals do, every day? Fight action on climate change. It is just dumb, deceitful and dangerous.

Trees are central to fighting climate change. Simply, the more trees we have, the less the impact of climate change. And Australia in 200 years has lost two-thirds of its trees. And the Nationals wonder why many farms aren’t sustainable. Labor believes in sustainable long-term farming by acting on climate change.

And we believe in saving the agriculture sector from The Nationals ignorance, politics and short-termism. Australia needs a strong agriculture sector, strong regional economies and strong leadership. That’s what Labor promises.

We need a modern approach to the future of farming and people like Farmers for Climate Action and the Climate Council, which has put out numerous reports:

Our Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Joel Fitzgibbon recently wrote a great piece on climate change and agriculture. You can read it here. LINK

I am a proud member of LEAN – the Labor Environment Action Network – Australia and will fight for action on climate change and sustainable farming. We won’t be put off by the dumb, deceitful and dangerous work of The Nationals.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.35.12 pm.png


Updated: 17 May 2018

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