One thought on “News Release: Some final thoughts for the day on the Coffs Harbour Bypass

  1. Look, I dislike the Nationals as much as anyone, but it’s ridiculous going after them because McCormack misspoke and underquoted the number of jobs, which will certainly be in the thousands, even if probably short of 10,000.
    Criticise them for pushing it out to 2020, sure, but don’t criticise trivia like this, or complain that it’s an El Cheapo (and you should learn to spell that if you’re going to throw it around) plan, because it’s the plan that Coffs has been crying out for for decades, with $1.2 billion committed to a project that’s long been touted as a $1.0 to $1.1b job. What’s getting done is not cheap, and it’s not a problem. The problem is how long we’ve waited, and how long we’re going to have to wait.


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